Ecotourism can benefit wildlife conservation: Here’s how

Man in a forest

Tourism is often associated with a negative impact on local wildlife. However, ecotourism is different, and it can actually have benefits.  Increased community awareness for conservation When local communities see tourists coming in to see wildlife, it can change their attitudes towards conservation.  Wild animals they once saw as threats to their livestock or communities…

Best Places For Spotting a Tiger

India is an incredible destination and famous around the world for its vast diversity in all aspects, be it flora, fauna or its rich and diverse wildlife. The Indian terrain is dotted with spectacular wildlife destinations. So, if you are a wildlife lover or nature enthusiast then North India has a lot to offer you….

How Wildlife Tourism supports the locals in India?

Wildlife tourism is the fastest and largest growing service industry that comes with great opportunities to grow and get quick returns. Merging the economic aspect with sustainability, this sector aims to meet “sustainable development goals”. Not just that, it is also a way to protect biodiversity while involving local communities and offering them fair chances…