Conservation of Wildlife in India

Wildlife is the most important and integral part of our world. Wildlife is something that our world needs to beautify itself. Wildlife is generally pride of a country and Government of that country is fully responsible for the conservation of wildlife. Nowadays we feel need to conserve our wildlife because the past few decades were not very good for the wildlife in India.

The reason for a need to conserve our wildlife resources is to maintain ecological balance.  Lots and lots of activities that we every day perform such as deforestation, mining, hunting, and poaching is hurting wildlife in some way.  Our greed has led to the extinction of some wildlife species and out of rest, many are now endangered. Hunting was a favorite sport for people in the past time and killing animals for converting them into a showcase was considered as bravery.

But now the condition is different, many forest department and NGO’s have gathered and taken full responsibility to help in conservation wildlife. Today we have the number of protected areas and wildlife sanctuaries that are made to preserve wildlife and help them to grow.

Steps taken for conservation of wildlife

Project tiger

Project Tiger was initiated by the Indian government to ensure the safety of tigers. There was a time in India when the tiger population was decreasing exponentially. In India, tigers were hunted down and their skin was sold or stuffed and made a showpiece. This project took place in 1972, inaugurated by the ministry of environment, forest and climate change. Many celebrities have now joined this project and have appealed people to come forward to help in protecting our national animal. Project Tiger is a huge success of India and now the tiger population is coming back to normal stats.

Project Elephant

The project elephant started in 1992 by Indian forest ministry. The aim of this project was not only to restore the elephant population but also to ensure that there are no more unnatural deaths and hunting of animals. Protection against killing was a primary goal of this project but it also ensures the protection of the natural habitat of Elephants. Elephants are killed for tusk to make decorative items, so there was a great need for such an initiative.

Project crocodile

Project crocodile had become a necessity some years ago because the crocodile population was about to extinct. This project was launched in 1975 by India. Indian efforts are clearly seen in this project because it was a great success. The primary goal of this project was to create an artificial natural habitat of the crocodile in sanctuaries and help crocodile in breeding and grow their population. The crocodile population is now increasing at constant rate India all thanks to project crocodile.

Sea turtle project

Sea turtle is one of the most endangered animals in the world. Due to their small population and decline in number a project was launched with the name of Sea turtle project in 1999. This project aims at tracking the turtles for bringing them to breeding places and migratory tracks. Turtle’s breeding places should be monitored properly to decrease the death rate and help them to breed with speed. Sea turtle is one of the most beautiful sea creatures and many steps were taken by UNDP to protect them.

Rule regarding protection of wildlife

Wildlife protection Act 1972, wetland rules 2010, fishery Act 1897, prevention of cruelty to animals 1960, biological diversity Act 2002, and forest conservation act 1980. These are some examples of the rules and regulations enacted by the Indian government for the conservation of wildlife in India. The government also forms special task forces for the purposes of protecting species from abuse. Our judicial system is very strict for the people who break the law.

NGO’s and community

Within India, we have hundreds of Ngo’s who work for the social cause and out of them some also take care of matter related to the animals and plants. Ngo’s and communities on regular basis arrange wildlife protection drives, awareness drives, and tree plantation drive to make people understand the need for conserving wildlife. Some of the Ngo’s are aided by government others are helped by crowd funding and private firms. Ngo’s work very responsibly to protect the natural habitat of animals and whole wildlife as well.

We believe that wildlife is now suffering a lot due to human activities and greed. Humans have captured many animals and snatched away from their homes from them and jungles are continuously being converted into cropland and commercial lands. Wildlife is very important for maintaining the ecological balance of an area. Wildlife is equally important to us as the air and water are, so it is the high time that we should understand our responsibility and conserve it. Many government departments and Ngo’s are working hand in hand to protect wildlife. PETA is annually contributing a lot just to maintain the balance of wildlife by conserving it. People worldwide are now coming up with their wildlife conservation ideas and are ready to do anything for wildlife conservation.

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