Plantable Seed Rakhi – A Perfect Gift, This Rakshabandhan.

Eco-Friendly Ways to Gift & Celebrate

Green Gifting ideas to celebrate any occasion

The fundamental of Gifting is to bring a smile on someone’s face and make them feel special. But this deed of ours has some serious consequences on our environment. Let’s first understand briefly the Gifting Industry flourishing around the world and how it is adversely affecting our environment. So, Gift business around the globe is said to be worth $62 billion currently, and is expected to expand from $119 million in 2019 to $159 millions in 2025. According to Google, the personalized gift market in 2020 was worth $25.8 billion, globally!

This gift-giving as a part of festivities and other celebrations, has shown a harmful impact on the environment as hundreds and thousand tons of packaging material, labels, cards ,boxes, envelopes etc is discarded in general waste and amplifies the garbage problem, chokes up sewer lines, add toxic chemicals in our food chains through soil and underground water pollution. Today we will read not only about the best Gifting options but also how to make the occasion more special with extraordinary ideas & products.

Wildlense Eco Foundation, a nature & Wildlife Conservation Organization has shown us the way through a range of products which are not only eco-friendly but can directly contribute towards re-forestation and enhance greenery in our living spaces. With the festival season approaching in India, it’s time to action. If you celebrate Raksha Bandhan, then ‘Handmade Seeded Rakhis will make a perfect choice, as it is not only a thread which represents love, affection and a lifetime promise between siblings but these rakhis embedded with seeds are biodegradable, organic and eco friendly, which can be later planted in pots, give it some sunlight & water and you can literally see your love nurture.  It is so much better than these tokens ending up in dustbins later! You can also explore a wide range of Eco friendly Plantable Rakhis, Raksha Bandhan personalized cards and other Zero Waste plantable & Seeded products on

Following are some more examples of such products which can make all of us net positive contributors towards saving our environment.

  • Plantable (seeded) invitation & visiting cards.
  • Plantable pencils, envelopes, notepads, pens and other stationery items.
  • Products made out of Bamboo – cutlery, mugs, cups, flasks, bowl.
  • Products made out of natural fibers which decompose easily.

What makes such items more attractive is that even when disposed off in the open, they will either grow up into a flowering plant or improve the organic content of the soil or both.

There is a constant increase of Eco-conscious consumers in India who are more aware about buying products and gifts produced through sustainable sources.  Here are some ecological, feasible & green gifting options-

  • Travel Vouchers- Walk away from the hustle and bustle of city life and spend some quality time in the laps of nature! Jungle Safari tours in India are a must try adventure option to enjoy and remember. You will be able to find customized wildlife tour options and so you can get a desired curated trip as per your needs.
  • Events Vouchers- Musical concerts, Stand-up comedy shows, local sports events, membership for various activities like swimming, musical instrument etc will be a gift of long-lasting value and minimum blow on natural resources.
  • Service Vouchers- Self care or spa gift tokens are always a hit. Find out the person’s hobbies or interest, to shortlist your options and gift them a memorable time instead of goods.
  • Personalized handmade gifts- Homemade edibles in seeded, recyclable or plantable paper gift bags and boxes can never go waste. It is personal and environment friendly.
  • Gifting a plant, seed packet, bulbs.
  • Gifting items sourced through tribals and forest based communities.

So it’s time to ‘Think Green, Go Clean’ and save our planet by creating consciousness about further eco-friendly and ecologically conscientious decisions & lifestyles.

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